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Thursday, December 26, 2013


Amid the noise
I hasten away
into my inner
cave, blocking
out the fishwives’
ever droning woes

I welcome in the light
of day and bow to
angel’s soaring and
when their harps
begin to strum,
I know my time is near

I look into that golden
glow, that some simply
call the Sun and
ride the wings of Hawk filled
skies to the land that time
can’t harm

And when my eyes flutter open
from the night’s deep slumber,
I know that I have touched
my past, present and future,
all in one night’s dream…

Lynn West
© 2013

1 comment:

CHI TOWN said...

very nice Lynn…your a poet and you now it….keep writing and God Bless…your a beautiful person with a soul full of love.